5 Feet of Fury

Mark Vandermaas: Will free speechers miss Berkeley’s golden opportunity?

Mark Vandermaas writes:

I’ve read posts from patriots excusing police: ‘They were just following orders to stand down.’ That argument went out of fashion at the Nuremberg trials. I’m a former member of the Canadian Forces who went to jail 5 times for trying to walk down a Caledonia road with a Canadian flag. Our Ontario Provincial Police stood by and allowed violent native thugs to terrorize an entire town for years, and I gave up my career in real estate sales to become a full time ‘rule of law activist’ to stop it. (…)

People were terrorized and beaten in their homes. Women were raped. Hydro station firebombed. Bridge burned. Rights violated. Because police and government decided appeasing violent people was better than enforcing the law.

Eventually, two books — including a bestseller — were written about Caledonia and our struggle to use Dr. King’s methods to restore the rule of law against the worst efforts of police, government, media, native thugs and anarchists/communists. Different names, but essentially the same gang of subversives the free-speechers in Berkeley are up against.

Well-meaning people said the same disgusting thing to us: “They’re just following orders, Mark.” As someone trained in the military, soldiers and — I would argue — police have a duty to disobey illegal orders. Yes, even if it costs them their jobs, even if it costs them their pensions.