5 Feet of Fury

“Black Panther’s blatant conservatism” shows that “this decade’s cultural energies are flowing toward the right”

Steve Sailer writes:

Since its first self-produced film, 2008’s Iron Man with Robert Downey Jr., Marvel has tilted subtly to the right. For example, Iron Man 2 in 2010 was the first movie I can recall that dared even briefly to satirize Obama. (…)

Then, his globalist ex-girlfriend argues that Wakanda should use its high-tech riches to help the countless poor of Africa by opening its borders. But as an adviser to the king sagely points out:

“If we let in refugees, they will bring their problems with them and then Wakanda will be like anyplace else.” (…)

King T’Challa, however, subscribes to his ancestors’ views that Wakanda, with its priceless Magic Dirt, should first take care of its own business. When Poland and Hungary subscribe to a similar view, it’s considered horrifyingly extremist, but when a nonexistent African country does it, it’s the height of political wisdom.