5 Feet of Fury

The Intellectual Dark Web: Guide to “the freethinkers leading the charge”

Douglas Murray writes:

On the internet, the situation is completely different. Internet-based programmes like the LA-located Dave Rubin’s show demonstrate an entirely different model. There people are invited into the studio for discussions that can run to a couple of hours. People have an opportunity to put their case as well as they can and their way is not littered with booby traps and barely disguised agendas. Whether it is a conservative trans activist like Blaire White, a left-wing atheist neuroscientist like Sam Harris or a black conservative woman like Candace Owens, the guests have the chance to explain where they’re coming from and the audience is allowed to make its own mind up.

And while sparks certainly can fly, these discussions are rarely set up in the dated red-corner/blue-corner style of a BBC or Channel 4 debate. It is not decided that if you have someone of one view you must have someone of a contrary view, that if you have somebody who is right on a subject you need to balance them with someone who is wrong, or that if you have a world authority on a subject you must complement them with someone who can just throw fireworks around. Crucially, the entire political axis on which traditional media still operates is shown on the intellectual dark web to be moribund.

This was actually just an excuse to post this hilarious “inside baseball” cartoon, which I can’t stop watching: