5 Feet of Fury

David Cole: “I am so sick of David Hogg, the pompadorable Parkland school shooting ‘survivor’ and media-darling gun control activist”

David Cole writes:

Seriously, I haven’t seen such a wall of protection around a teenager since that bubble boy from the ’70s.

My beef with David Hogg, aside from the fact that he’s become the American Muhammad in terms of “ridicule is verboten,” is that he exemplifies everything I despise about the “postmillennial” generation. Having grown up in a culture that worships victimhood, Hogg is playing the survivor role with such gusto that, were Elie Wiesel still alive, he’d be green with envy. (…)

Strong is a Christian who, in the aftermath of a school shooting, used the publicity he received to spread a message of faith. And the media destroyed him. [Twenty years later,] Hogg, Kasky, and their pals are, in the aftermath of the Parkland shooting, using the publicity they’ve received to spread a message of gun control. And the press has decided that they must never be criticized, even if they falsely claim to have been “on the receiving end of an AK-15” when, in reality, they were taking cover in their classrooms behind locked doors.