5 Feet of Fury

After her speech about “diversity,” Frances McDormand’s Oscar was stolen by a “black megalomaniac”

Steve Sailer’s usual MUST-READ:

Moreover, another question for Ms. McDormand might be: “Have you actually watched many of your husband’s movies? If you have, didn’t you notice how intensely white they are?”

In other comic events at the Oscars, the newly diversified Academy voters celebrated their #MeToo moment by handing a Best Animated Short Oscar to retired basketball star Kobe Bryant. Kobe spent much of 2004 on trial on charges of raping a 19-year-old white woman. But she eventually dropped her criminal accusation and settled out of court with him for an undisclosed sum. So I guess that makes it all right. Plus, she was white. (…)

At the Oscars, del Toro announced that he was an immigrant and that the purpose of art was to “erase the lines in the sand.” Yet del Toro seems to value being able to secure his daughters north of the line in the sand between the Lovecraftian madness of Mexico and the sane safety of suburban America.

It’s almost as if del Toro finding refuge north of the border while his father’s kidnappers are, at least for now, bottled up south of the border is what Trump meant by implying that our immigration system should be reformed so that Mexico is sending their best.