5 Feet of Fury

“Just how monstrous is the Sun’s ‘Flakensteins’ story?”

Well, yes: An abiding problem on the Right is one we mock the Left for:

Reflexively scoffing EVERYTHING “the other side” says.

Especially in the realm of culture.

That “millennials” think the Monster is “misunderstood” and “to be pitied” is, of course, the actual point of the story.

BUT: This analysis of the Sun’s “analysis” makes an even more important point:

Many people who work at the Sun are leftists.

They work there because it’s a job, in journalism.

When they write stuff like this, they are clumsily trying to fit a story to their (real or imaginary) readers’ presumed philistine prejudices. And as we see from the overwhelming reaction to their piece, they got it horribly wrong, and the mask slipped.

It’s possible to be so “smart” that you’re really stupid, playing a kind of 3-D chess with yourself, that ends up with all the pieces on the floor.

A great example is the now-defunct (I think) talking point that came out after one of those surveys regarding which TV shows were popular in Red or Blue states. When The Walking Dead scored highly on the Red side, it became received liberal wisdom that, well obviously, the zombies represent illegal Mexican immigrants, and the characters were acting out a right-wing fantasy of slaughtering them.

But as I’ve said ad nauseam, The Walking Dead is one of the most “diverse” programs on television. Why would “white supremacists” treasure a TV show with not one but two heroic black characters with dreads, and numerous interracial couplings?

And, more importantly, it has one of the most diverse fandoms.

Unlike desperately “progressive” liberal shows like Transparent or Girls, TWD fanbase itself isn’t just white. A moment’s googling by a curious reporter would have revealed thousands of photos of multi-racial fans at “cons” and on cruises, dressed as their favourite character regardless of their own, and the character’s, race and gender: black girls dressed as Negan, men dressed as the “Garbage Queen,” (admittedly not such a stretch…)

Not to mention “fan reaction” videos showing, say, a middle aged Asian woman cheering “badass” (white) Carol, and black families bawling over (white) Carl’s death.

But the reporters didn’t do that, or did and ignored the evidence of their senses. And made fools of themselves.

At least, though, those “cultural commentators” were liberals being liberals.

It’s highly likely that the Sun reporters in this case were leftists trying to “think like” right-wingers, and in failing miserably, they revealed more about themselves than their “stupid” readership.